Lack of facilities

“There’s no balance at all in The Hague”

The University Council believes that the facilities for students in The Hague are lacking compared to those in Leiden. FNV Overheid, the staff’s party, claim that the current situation is “irresponsible.”

The party raised the issue of the student facilities in The Hague in any other business. The student numbers in The Hague are rising steeply, but the range of facilities is not keeping up, the FNV say. There is “absolutely no balance” between Leiden and The Hague.

The Hague’s range ofextracurrucular courses like languages and arts is smaller, and it is more difficult to make an appointment to see a student psychologist or counsellor. It is crucial to rectify this situation, according to the FNV, who have been trying to call the governors’ attention to the problem for years, though without much success.
Vice-Rector Magnificus Hester Bijl does not agree with the claims. “Student psychologists, counsellors and the Housing Office also operate in The Hague”, Bijl replied at the meeting of the University Council. “The number of hours they work reflects student numbers in The Hague and Leiden.”

Moreover, a new Student Centre will open on Turf Markt in The Hague in September. “It will include a cluster of facilities”, Bijl added. “We will have more options and more space.”

According to the university, offices will be reserved for student organisations, an ombudsman, an international student advisor and a student psychologist. Other features will include study places, a gym and a common room for international students.

Nonetheless, the FNV say the wait is too long. “It’s not practical.” The party believes offices in the Wijnhaven Complex or at the university premises on Schouwburgstraat should be made available for those facilities.
“The situation must improve before September.” VB

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Lack of facilities

The University Council believes that the facilities for students in The Hague are lacking …