The university promises better Wi-Fi

By Vincent Bongers

The University Council demands adequate Wi-Fi connections in all university buildings

Jan van der Boon, the Director of the Administration and Central Services Department, announced on Monday at the meeting of the Council that measures had already been taken to arrange this.
“At the moment, Wi-Fi operations are arranged by each faculty individually”, said Marc Newsome of the student party BeP. As a consequence, some places do not have Wi-Fi connections, which could be improved. In fact, much can be done and we would advise you make sure that Wi-Fi arrangements are concentrated as soon as possible.”
The Council’s demands were met immediately. “A major part of the university has good coverage”, replied Van der Boon, “But there are some places were there isn’t any connection and that can be annoying sometimes. We are going to make sure that the responsibility for the wireless network and the finance for it are assigned to the university’s ICT Shared Service Centre, so that they can improve the coverage so that every university building has Wi-Fi.”
It is not known how long it will be until there is complete coverage.

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